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Contentment Sermon Illustrations

Contentment is easy to understand, hard to achieve. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be like Paul, who, having seen both wealth and poverty, found himself satisfied and content in either situation! Unfortunately, we are often too eager to compare our own life with the lives of others; that leads to envy, not contentment!

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Baby food, grown-up food, and God's blessings
An illustration about contentment and God's blessings. Illustration involves our baby boy eating his breakfast food.
Contentment and Snowshoeing on the Ice
A short Bible lesson involving contentment, and snowshoeing on icy surfaces
Contentment in all circumstances - Underground Home Story
Contentment in both need and plenty, contentment in poverty and wealth. Being content is challenging when we have experienced both extremes
Envy vs Contentment - The Battle of the Toast
Envy vs Contentment - when we have to keep up with the Jones's, we miss out on contentment. Story about breakfast time when I was growing up.

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