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Rewards Sermon Illustrations

Throughout Scripture there are promises of punishments and rewards, cursings and blessings. For the Christian, the hope of eternal rewards can be a powerful incentive to live a life that is honoring to God. But only if we are ready and prepared to take the eternal perspective. Because sometimes the rewards are a long time coming.

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Discovering Blueberries on a mountain
A Bible illustration that relates to a recent hike on Blueberry and Speckled Mountain
Thickly Peeled Potatoes - Delayed Gratification
A depression era story about a family's dilemma with failing potato crops
Yard Work and Spring Cleaning - Doing What Is Excellent
A lesson about going above and beyond the call of duty, of doing what is excellent.
Fear Factor - A lesson about life from I Peter and a TV Show
Sermon illustration - Fear Factor: Life is like the television show Fear Factor. We face trials and troubles for the sake of an eventual reward.

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